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Indiabulls Ventures Shubh is one of the behemoths among full-service brokers in India. They are a game-changer in the Indian stock market as it first introduced an online trading platform which is used by thousands of traders daily.

Indiabulls Ventures is one of the biggest full-service brokers house and its brokerage charges are quite low which makes it more attractive for the traders and investors.

Indiabulls Ventures has services and products of every kind that a traditional broker should have with a network across 20-21 cities across the country.

Here in the blog below, a complete Indiabulls Ventures Shubh or the broker house Review is provided for client or investors reference if anyone can seek the information about Indiabulls Venture and their broking services and brokerage charges and other aspects.

Indiabulls Ventures Shubh Customer Ratings & Review

Indiabulls Ventures Customer Ratings


8.5 / 10

Products & Services

8.4 / 10

Brokerage Charges & Fees

8.1 / 10

Stock Research & Advisory

8.7 / 10

Trading Platforms

8.6 / 10

Overall Ratings

8.46 / 10

Star Ratings


Total Client Reviews


About Indiabulls Ventures Shubh

With more than 1 million live investors and clients spread across the country, “Indiabulls Ventures Shubh” is a name that has experience and recognition under its sleeves.

The broker house was formed in 1995, by Mr. Sameer Gehlaut. Indiabulls Ventures has been registered as a public limited company and it has its headquarters in Mumbai City, Maharashtra.

The firm provides all kinds of services ranging from trading, depository to research services and trading platforms of advanced quality.

They are the first to introduce Internet-based platforms for trading in the country as mentioned in the introduction. The broker house didn’t stop there, Indiabulls Ventures trading platforms and the mobile applications (Android and iOS) are known by the name of “Indiabulls Shubh” are one of the most sought after platforms for trading in the country.

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Indiabulls Ventures Shubh Brokerage Charges

Brokerage Charge & Fees

Equity Delivery Trading

0.01% or Rs.15 per executed order

Equity Intraday Trading

0.01% or Rs.15 per executed order

Commodity Options Trading

0.01% or Rs.15 per executed order

Equity Futures Trading

0.01% or Rs.15 per executed order

Equity Options Trading

0.01% or Rs.15 per executed order

Currency Futures Trading

0.01% or Rs.15 per executed order

Currency Options Trading

0.01% or Rs.15 per executed order

Minimum Brokerage

0.01% or Rs.15 per order

Demat AMC Charges

Free or Rs.450 per Annum

Trading AMC Charges


Margin Money


Brokerage Calculator

Indiabulls Ventures Brokerage Calculator

The brokerage charged by the broker house “Indiabulls Ventures Shubh” is very low compared to other broker houses.

As anyone or any investor can see in the table above, the brokerage charges for every segment whether it is equity cash or delivery or Equity future segment or Derivatives or commodities even, the charges are the same.

It is the lower amount between Rs.15 per order executed or 0.01% of the transaction’s value.

Basically, the maximum brokerage for every transaction cannot go beyond Rs.15 irrespective of the volume traded which is really great for the traders who trade huge volumes every day.

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